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HELP SOLVE YOUR MONEY PROBLEMS. No more worries over inflation, recession, bills, rising gasoline and other costs. If you are looking for easy extra income, to relieve financial pressures, you owe it to yourself to investigate our offer. And quit the rat-race.

HERE IS YOUR CHANCE to earn extra money working at home by becoming an active participant of our successful mailing association.

NO EXPERIENCE OR SPECIAL SKILLS REQUIRED. Our HOMEMAILER'S PROGRAM is designed especially for people with little or no business experience and provides step-by-step instructions to show you how to cash in on this Home Mailing plan. Many have made much more than $15,000 Per month at ease from this program by following the easy directions on mailing booklets - a simple and excellent opportunity for you to make the extra money you need.

YOU MAY WORK IN THE COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME. Choose your hours, set your own pace. No need to leave your present job. The possibilities are unlimited - get the whole family to join in. Form workshops with your friends. In addition to mailing the booklets, we will help you reap the huge profits from bookwriters anxious to use your services, at no extra cost to yourself ! We will further show you how to expand your operation and boost your new income as high as you wish to go.


Mail-Order is the fastest growing biz in Home Income Opportunities. Can be started for pennies. Nothing to buy. Just sell and sell. There are many mail-order companies who want to expand their business, but do not want to hire more people. If they hired more employees, they would have to supervise them, rent more office space, pay more taxes and insurance, all involving more paperwork. It is much easier for them to set it up so that independent homeworkers can earn money doing the work themselves.
This program is designed to help people cash in with a company which needs homeworkers. Each member is an independent homeworker. You serve a company that pays commissions to have their circulars mailed. This program has been perfected so that it has become one of the most successful and profitable ones ever.
We invite you to take part in our success. The money you earn is up to you. We do not require that you mail a certain number of pieces each week. You can take on whatever amount of business that fits your schedule, and you can quit whenever you want to... there are no obligations.

In exchange for simple, pleasant work in your business of dealing with informational booklets according to our instructions - you will receive huge profits. The work is enjoyable and can be done in your spare time. You work in the comfort of your home, the hours you choose, ON YOUR OWN.

We welcome you to this program and extend to you our unconditional guarantee that everything we have said about this program is true and that you will be delighted with the money that you make. Our goals and continued success depend on your 100% satisfaction with the HOMEMAILER'S PROGRAM.


There are some fraudulent chain letter schemes being sold today. We highly recommend that you avoid them. Why fool with some questionable scheme when our program enables you to earn so much money legally. This is not an offer of employment. It is an opportunity to become an independent or a commission mailer for our company. Remember, unlike the others, this is not a get-rich-quick scheme - it is a proven program for making money.

OK, here's the part you've been waiting for, How Much? Well, as you know this idea of mailing booklets for huge profits attracts a lot of attention. The problem is that many people just don't go through with it. This wastes our valuable time and theirs. Due to our overhead costs, we have established a registration fee of $25.00. This weeds out most people who are "just curious". For this registration fee you will receive all the necessary materials which include the directions you need to start making the tremendous profits right away ! Not only will you receive huge profits but you'll become a great asset to us. Order for our Mailing Program today.


Guess what, Jobs are finally back in USA. But inflation bites the purchasing power. Even if you have a job, the need to start an enterprise is even greater. eMail-Order is the future new jobs being encouraged and created because it reduces responsibility on Corporations to provide jobs. Your future is in your own hands. So ACT NOW !!!!!!!!!!!

us at---> gold@computererase.com

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