In reality, a car is transportaton. Cars were meant to provide transporation. Everything else it is made out to be is just pure hype.

Sure, you want to show-off. However, it can be done later when you can afford it. First things first. You must concentrate on being financially sound. The thing to do is to buy a car that serves the purpose of transportation, but which is also reliable, and requires almost no expenditure other than the cost of fuel. In a matter of a short time, after you have achieved financial security, you can then decide to get into new cars. Invest the saved money in appreciating assets, and join the list of millionaires in your city. Makes sense ? It's about getting your priorities in right order. Life and living beomes a breeze then. Only a true friend would advise you this. Money saved is money earned.

Let me give you a comparision of three hypothetical scenarios:

  • a. What if had you saved all that money you spent on new cars that you bought every five years ? You worked for 45 years and bought 9 new cars for a total payment of say, $1,000,000 in present value. That's where you lost your first million right off the bat. Just threw it as confetti or rather gave it away.

  • b. Instead if you had invested that $1,000,000 in the stock market over the last 45 years or so, you would have been worth about at least $5,000,000. If you had known this before when you were about 20 years old, would you have done something different ? You bet.

  • c. Let's twist the situation slightly better. If you had instead of changing cars every 5 years, had instead changed houses every 5 years, then, with the appreciation of each house, the original $1,000,000 would have snowballed over the 45 years into say, about $15,000,000.
  • Look at the difference in the scenarios, a, b and c shown above . A word to the wise is enough.
    Please bear in mind that the final price of any car no matter how expensive is near zero, which is it's salvage value. Cars are depreciating assets. Showing off with new cars never got anyone ahead. Most people buy new cars and replace them with new cars every 2-4 years throughout their lives and spend more than half of their lives paying the $200,000 or so (in present value) in their lifetimes excluding repairs, insurance and fuel costs. This is where they lose their life's dream. Why slave your life away in buying costly cars - cars that often turn up as lemons ? Often to be replaced by other lemons ! Moreover, the risk of losing your megabuckmobiles to repossessions is high due to job losses and missed payments. And guess what cars are stolen often at the point of a gun ? New cars. The risk one runs after buying a new car is way way high. Do you really have that kind of money to throw away and become a mental wreck not to mention of risking your life ? There is no need to spend a fortune and your sanity on this destructive cycle. And don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

    Did you also know that some car companies design built-in obsolescense in their cars to self-destruct after a pre-set period - just so you keep buying their jinxed new cars ? Talk about spinning your wheels. The same car makers also offer low to zero interest loans and fancy sales packages to mislead people into buying their 'white elephants'. All designed to siphon your hard earned money year after year and send you to the poor-house. Why spend a lifetime before realizing this ! Who doesn't have 20-20 hindsight ? A 20-20 foresight is what people need ?

    You will be amazed how great a car you can buy for next to nothing that runs without breakdowns for decades. Save all that money you made slaving year after year, so you can amount to something. Instead invest it in your own favorite real-estate and enjoy life. Imagine getting wealthy right off the bat after your very first job.

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