Whether you are a novice or guided by your stockbroker or by the news media, stop right now before you make another trade. In all the three above cases, you are misleading yourself. It is in your interest that you read further and act as soon as you can. If you plan to pursue the stock market, what we propose is a revelation.

The stock market is an occult world shrouded in mystery purposely kept from the people. It is predatory. The Stock Market is the world's biggest Casino. If you are a 'babe' in the stock market 'woods', please do not invest one cent in it. And do NOT take the word of any stockbroker. The money you lose as a result will be your own. A stockbroker's advice cannot be trusted due to the conflict in interest involved in his job. You cannot blame him/her for that. A stockbroker's job is to make money for his brokerage firm and not for you. He is not obigated to tutor you the truth about the stock market. And why should he/she ? They make more money from the big-boys' large trades. They would rather that the big guys win and you lose because the money the big-boys win is necessarily the money small-boys lose. Know what we mean ? It is a money-gobbling machine with no feelings. It gobbles money from the many and transfers it to the few. It does it by playing on your emotions against you. The Stock Market swipes your money like a bully snatches candy off a kid's hands. It can hurt very deeply. Please don't let that happen to you.

Your best and only bet is to trust your own knowledge and self at all times, especially when it comes to your money. Therefore, you must know the secrets thoroughly behind the market if you are to win consistently or win at all. NO one will tell you the secrets at least for free. The powers-that-be don't want you to know the truth about the stock market even for a fee no matter how high.

The main objective of an investor or a trader should be preservation of principal. Next comes profits. You can make money both ways - going up or down, as long as you bet the right way. The hard part is to be consistently right. But to be right, you have to know the dynamics that make the markets move; the secrets behind it. Things you hear in the open about the market is often plum wrong. In fact, they are almost exactly the opposite of what's true.

The people in-charge of making and moving the market are called Specialists. They sit near and work with the 'floor brokers' of the exchanges. The Specialists are in-charge of about 40 or so stocks in the NY Stock Exchange.
The 'Specialists' have been given the responsibility to run the stock markets. These guys work for the companys' major shareholders and are directed by them on a virtually daily basis as to the price and number of shares of stock to be traded at what time of the day. Another thing to note is that these Specialists 'rig' the market in the after-hours of the normal trading times. This 'rigging' is also sometimes done before the opening bell before the markets open. In other words, the Specialists are in full control of the market AT ALL TIMES. At no time, do the Specialists lose market control. Please bear this in mind. The Specialists are the executors of Company will. They are in the Companies' payroll. In short, they can do anything. Everything the Specialists do is under the tutelage of the company owners. The Specialists are the owners' proxy. By the way, the major shareholders of Companies are the defacto Company owners.

The stock market is no different from a typical retail and wholesale merchanding operation. Just as in buying in wholesale and selling in retail, such is the work of the Specialists. If you can anchor this in your mind and use it as a rudder, you can navigate the stock market scenario safely and gainfully. As the stock prices are raised by Specialists, they clean up their books in their parallel stock accounts and get rid of their inventory. It's all about profits. The stocks are first sold to the 'favorite pet sons' and then later to the 'sacrificial whipping boys(goats)'. The exact same procedure is repeated in reverse when the stocks are going down. In the latter case selling instead of buying. Please pardon my sarcasm. It is just to denote my intended meanings.

You have to be smart to be able to read between the lines. You have to be clever if you want to win in his game. Cleverness and right timing is all you need. If you can time your entrances and exits in your open a closed positions, you have it cracked. Once you decipher this code, it will all be common sense to you. You can then break your emotional habits which are always in conflict with what is really going on.
We lay it all out graphically for you so you clearly understand what we are talking about. Every one has to be an apprentice of any trade if they want to be worth their salt. If not, there would be no need for coaching in schools and colleges. In the stock market, since it's about money, the conflict of interest is so acute, that no one is interested to teach anyone the truth of the market. The more misled in losing, the more the few win. The few want everything and even more.
We are here to tell you the truth about the market because we do not compete with you in the market. We are outside of the arena. Our only interest is to instruct and armour-plate you. We want to help you win.

We show you how to piggy-back yourself with the Big Guys. Do what they do. The key is to find out what the big guys are doing and do exactly that. Ride up and down with them. If you combine Research, Charts, Psychology and Skill\Strategy, winning is enhanced and assured. We show all of this. The way to winning is to be right on betting up or down. Even if you are wrong, which can happen once in a blue moon, worry not, we will show you how to cut your losses immediately and start winning both at the same time. Yes, knowlege is the key. We will show you all you need to know to win and win consistently.

We will not waste your time with useless information that you do not need. Or info. is all you will ever need to win. Anytime after your purchase, we will also answer any specific questions about any stock or commodity or any general questions.
There are a lot of stock market computer programs that people use for trading. We don't recommend them. We suggest you get to know the market on a personal level so the only thing you need is you. Depending on other people or technology is something you want to do after you know the market intimately.
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